Hand-harvested from pristine Pacific waters off the coast of British Columbia, Canada, Sunshine Sea Salts are clean, brilliant and rich in minerals.

 Natural Ocean Flake Sea Salt  Sunshine Coast Sea Salt, Sunshine Coast Salt Co

Natural Ocean Flake Sea Salt

Sunshine Coast Sea Salt, Sunshine Coast Salt Co

In slowly reducing the ocean water by direct heat and solar energy, a moist, snowflake-white salt is created. The delicate flakes dissolve quickly on the palette, revealing a crisp sea flavour and a delicate 'salty-sweet' tone. Then in a moment it is gone, leaving a clean finish that will enhance your food. Not overpower your taste buds.

Our flavoured salts are all hand-blended using traditional methods. No chemical anti-caking agents or chemical preservatives are used or necessary in our salts, and all flavouring is derived from organically grown fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers grown either on site or by local producers.

What's the difference?

To many people, salt is something that typically lingers longer on the palette than it does the mind. A constant in our daily lives and a permanent fixture on our dinner tables, it is easy to assume that this benign staple is the same from brand to brand. However, all salts are not created equal. It is interesting to note that until 50 years ago or so, we did not have salt shakers, we used salters or salt cellars and would take a small spoonful or a pinch. Our salt was not able to run because it was a natural salt with not additives. 

Iodized table salt is chemically processed and its minerals extracted, leaving behind sodium chloride, preservatives and several forms of iodine and iodine chemical stabilizers.

To answer the call to reduce chemicals and the unnecessary addition of iodine in our food, imported sea salts are appearing on local grocery store shelves and foodie boutiques with varying textures, colours, flavours and provenance.

Like wine, salt takes on unique characteristics from the water quality and minerals found in its region. We call this the merroir, and the coastal areas of Canada are gaining high praise in craft salt circles for their outstanding products. We want to start with the cleanest most saline water available and this is why we travel out to deep water in The Straight of Georgia and collect our sea water from a depth or 250 to 300 feet below the ocean surface. The results are spectacular!

Image created by Yazmin Alanis from Noun Project